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Japan is an island country, body of water which is home to a variety of fish, crustaceans and molluscs. It is therefore not surprising that the second most important component of the diet of Japanese people is fish and seafood. Today, the Japanese eat 1/6 of all of the worlds seafood. The Japanese are known for more than 10 thousand species of marine animals, most of which are edible. Fish and other seafood is not customary to roast, they are usually only lightly fried, stewed, steamed

or served almost raw. But also serves fish boiled in soy sauce, fried in a pan over an open fire, cooked in boiling oil, in the form of sausage and sausages, dried (dried fish flakes - katsuobushi can be stored for several years). The most popular Japanese fish dishes of raw fish, and serve it one of its kind that the most delicious at this time of the year or just in the local area.

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